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Video News

Wal-Mart Employee Discrimination Suit The Reality of Employment Discrimination Fair Labor Standards Act Too Old To Work

Top FAQs

If I want to know my rights under the FLSA, should I consult an attorney?
Yes. There is more to know about the FLSA than can be summarized here. Not all attorneys are familiar with the FLSA. You should find an attorney with experience in labor and employment cases.
Which hours count as “overtime hours?”
All hours actually worked by an employee which exceed a threshold number set by the FLSA. For most employees, this means any hours after or in excess of the first 40 hours in a given week. Some special employees -- like paramedics, police, or firefighters -- may have a different threshold number for calculating overtime.
What is the FSLA?
This a federal law which says, among other things, that an employer must pay time and one half for all overtime hours that the employer demands from employees each week.

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We Work For You
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These are all posters from the The Works Progress Administration (WPA.) The WPA was the largest New Deal agency , employing millions to carry out public works proje...



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